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What do UK users need to access Starlink internet?

Starlink Mounted

What do UK users need to access Starlink internet?

Starlink internet works by harnessing the power of low-orbit satellites to deliver improved broadband connectivity. It has proved particularly effective in parts of the world with insufficient cabling. Predominantly available around Northern England, Scotland and Wales, Starlink has helped many businesses and households in rural areas enjoy fast and dependable connections.

In this blog we’ll look at what customers require to use Starlink, as well as the best installation option.

Equipment necessary for Starlink

Users will require a Starlink terminal to use the service. This will include a router to receive and send signals and a small-scale satellite dish. Once connected, users can enjoy ethernet and Wi-Fi, depending on the package they purchase.

A professional installation

To get your Starlink internet up and running, you’ll need to mount a satellite dish on the side of your home and connect it to the router. This means that an installation may require working at height. To stay safe and ensure your equipment is fitted correctly, a professional installation is always the best bet.

Get connected

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