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Bemco adds KNX Panel Building Course

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Bemco adds KNX Panel Building Course

Bemco, a specialist leader in smart home technology has added a great course to their portfolio – KNX Panel Building Course, in which you will be taught the process on how to build a KNX board.

It is a one day course which will cover the whole process which includes the assembly of KNX and DIN components and switches into an enclosure, cabling, creation of lighting circuits, output connections and wiring schematics.  All essential in the building of a KNX board.

The launch of the course has been aligned with the growing number of aspiring smart home installers and the number of electricians who are now providing an added value service in this sector.  With so many different components, systems and technologies available for building a smart home environment, this course helps bring the technologies together.

Bemco also have other KNX courses available to further enhance your knowledge and learning which includes KNX Basic Partners and Advanced Partner courses.

You can attend the course for £35 and find the details here.

Also find details of the courses on our events page.

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