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What will your customers be looking for?

Smart Heating

What will your customers be looking for?

Smart home technology is becoming more and more widely used. Most households have at least one form of smart technology in their home but which technology is going to be the most wanted over the coming years.

Energy management – this part of smart home technology is expected to grow globally by 29.9% during 2021 and beyond.  Householders are expected to want products and services that will help them to control their heating systems and help reduce energy consumption.

Although utility companies can provide these products and services, quite often there is a lack of trust by householders who are more likely to opt using an Approved Installer of these products as an alternative.  The most popular products are expected to be:-

  • Smart thermostats
  • Radiator controllers

If you have the ability to provide these products to your customers, tell them and any cost savings to them would benefit them in the long run.  If you haven’t looked in to providing these products and services then it is definitely worth looking into it to be able to benefit from this growing part of the smart home technology sector.

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