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DTG Summit- Television Beyond Imagination

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DTG Summit- Television Beyond Imagination

2022 is going to be year of events and networking and DTG have announced their 2022 summit, taking place on the 5th May at King’s Place in London.

Promising to be their most progressive, unexpected and brave summit to date.  The day will be full of panels and research, presentations and great networking opportunities.  You will find out about current viewing experiences, the vision for the next 10 years and take part in discussions on what changes are needed to achieve the vision.

You will hear and learn from thought leading content and make important connections from exposure to proprietary consumer and industry research, presented via TED-talk sessions, interviews, debates – audience participation will be encouraged throughout.

This is a summit you will not want to miss.

Check out more here for free tickets, savings and to book your space.

Also find the summit on our events page.

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