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Why motion-detection is useful for smart home CCTV


Why motion-detection is useful for smart home CCTV

Closed-circuit television or CCTV systems are a tried and tested security solution for homes. While CCTV was once only affordable for enterprises and the relatively wealthy, today, cutting-edge solutions can be purchased at affordable prices by all.

Homeowners buying a smart CCTV system can be forgiven for struggling to select which solution is the best fit for their property. A mind-boggling selection of makes and models are available to purchase with a multitude of features, leaving many buyers bewildered. In this blog, we’ll look at why buying a system that supports motion detection can be beneficial.

Never miss the action

Smart cameras equipped with motion detection instantly activate and record as soon as they sense movement. However, the latest smart sensors can differentiate between an intruder, an animal, and a passing vehicle. Imagine your camera is placed outside and how many times you would be alerted by activity near your property without this useful feature.

Streamline your surveillance

Motion detection also makes managing your home security footage easier. Instead of browsing hours of static footage your system will only record relevant action saving you time.

Enlist the aid of a professional

Along with fitting CCTV equipment correctly and guaranteeing it can be counted on, approved CCTV installers can also advise on the ideal option for your home and personal requirements. They can even carry out maintenance and make sure systems are always working at optimal capacity. Find a professional CCTV installer with Getmedigital using our helpful search tool today.

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