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What resources do approved installers enjoy?

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What resources do approved installers enjoy?

Running a business as a home technology installer has many benefits. From increased flexibility to steering your own ship, being the boss can be exceptionally rewarding.
However, going it alone can sometimes make it hard to compete with established companies. A useful way to gain support and grow your business is to become an approved installer. Once pre-checked, you’ll have access to a wide range of resources that can improve the services you provide. Read on to find out more.

Access to the Digital Tick

When you become approved, you’ll be able to download a brand pack featuring the Digital Tick symbol. A mark of a trusted tradesman and high-quality work, the Digital Tick is recognised by homeowners across the country. After you have downloaded the pack, you can add the Tick to your website, marketing materials, and even your van. You’ll also receive an ID card emblazoned with the Tick, which you can wear and show to customers.

Supplier Directory

Sourcing the services and goods you need to perform your role as an installer can involve hours of research and price comparisons. Becoming approved makes life easier, offering access to a bespoke trade directory with everything you need at your fingertips.

Are you ready to become an approved installer?

If you’d like to enjoy access to these resources, we can help. At Getmedigital, we’ll equip you with all this and more when you join our business directory. You’ll also be searchable by customers needing the specific services you offer in your locality. Contact us today to get cracking.

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