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What is Matter and why is it good to know?


What is Matter and why is it good to know?

We will hear more and more about Matter as the smart home sector continues to grow.  Matter is a new smart home industry standard.  Important to know as it promises secure connectivity which is more reliable which will enable devices to work seamlessly and work together.

It is key as it will enable more connectivity between objects which will simplify the development of products for manufacturers.  This in turn means it is easier for customers to connect the products they want to.

Matter has already been embraced by many technology suppliers and their partners who have committed to deliver Matter-compliant products and services.  It is expected within 5 years that Matter’s specification will dominate the industry.

It is expected that 100m devices will be shipped this year that include the specification with an increase to more than half of the world’s shipments within the next 5 years.  The first specification is due to be fully published towards the end of 2022 but Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and other key players made Matter announcement at CES earlier this year.

It is worth being aware, you can find out more in ABI’s research here.

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