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How to earn trust as an approved installer


How to earn trust as an approved installer

Whether you are a CCTV and security alarm installer or an expert at setting up network cabling and satellite broadband, any professional tradesperson with a speciality will know that connecting with customers to grow your business isn’t always easy.

While you might have the necessary skills to complete any task required in your field, creating trust is also essential. Read on for a closer look at how accreditation can help.

Introducing the Digital Tick

As an approved installer, you’ll be able to brand up your business with the Digital Tick logo. The Tick is government affiliated and an easily recognisable icon representing both high-quality services and trust. Once earned, you can display the Digital Tick symbol on your company website, van, identity card, and advertisements encouraging business.

Reassuring customers

As an installer of TV equipment, smart systems or other technology, you’ll often be required to enter people’s homes. Being an approved installer promotes a sense of trust and makes people feel more confident in your services. Given the choice between a pre-checked professional and an unknown, whose services would you select?

Become an approved installer today

Acquiring approved status and reaching customers does not need to be difficult. At Getmedigital, our registration system is designed to be user-friendly. After you’ve been successfully added to our business directory, customers can find your services and contact you directly with jobs. Once work is completed, they are encouraged to leave positive reviews of their experience so you can grow your reputation and your customer base. Join us today to get cracking.

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