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Whitepaper released to address HDMI extension issues


Whitepaper released to address HDMI extension issues

The challenge of extending HDMI connectivity beyond 15 metres passive connectivity limitation is a well-known issue, you can now find out more via the whitepaper issued by C2G, called The Ghost in the HDMI Machine.

It explores the issues as to why the high-bandwidth connection is sensitive which arises from the installation environmental conditions, as well as the manufacturing decision and shows how the integrators can make sure that a client’s media is dependable and robust.

Currently, a lot of time can be spent, many hours in fact, to investigate why a successful installation suddenly experiences a signal issue – it is a challenge to find the source of the problem.  The whitepaper includes results from extensive research which aims to show what lies at the heart of HDMI issues and to help integrators avoid and tackle HDMI problems effectively and efficiently.

By reading the whitepaper you will find many reasons for HDMI failures and their potential because of voltage starvation.  Also featuring a power supply analysis of tested sources in addition to much needed solutions for mitigating HDMI extension issues.

You can find The Ghost in the HDMI Machine whitepaper here.

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