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Home Cinema

There are a lot of definitions about what a home cinema is, however, it is what you want it to be.  Depending on what you want to achieve and your budget – this will drive the equipment required to get your desired results if you can do it yourself or if you need a professional, or someone to design and install.

Firstly, creating a home cinema is about a space where you can enjoy your favourite films, have family nights, or entertain and experience more than just watching TV in your living room and create a cinema experience at home.  The main thing is to think about what budget you have and what you want to achieve, will it be a dedicated room or a multi-purpose room which will also have a degree of compromise in the cinema experience. 

Basics to think about include the size of the room, the layout, what screen size would be appropriate, the projection method and the comfort you want whilst using the room.  More technical things to consider are speaker placement for the best surround sound, acoustics and storage of any equipment that is used.  Comfortable seating and mood lighting all add to the best experience.

There is a lot of TVs to choose from and a great option is to consider a projector and screen especially if you are looking for a screen over 100 inches – you can also opt for a drop down screen. It is worth considering where the room you are using is in your home as you will require an element of sound proofing – this can be achieved with acoustic boards and carpet tiles and the use of thick carpet.  Thinking about how you block out light is also important.

What is vital to getting your cinema right is using the right cabling and connections.  You are likely to stream films, so this requires a stable bandwidth via a quality wired connection to the internet.  As a minimum you should be using Cat5 cable. 

As you can see there is a lot to think about to create your cinema room without mentioning getting the seating angles right, hiding all the equipment and cables, getting the layout right for the best sound and viewing – you can absolutely achieve it yourself with the right products and by doing the right research but as there are so many things to get right it is definitely worth considering getting in an Approved Home Cinema Installer to do this for you.  Whether you want a basic room or a fully functional large cinema room there are Approved Home Cinema Installer who will be able to recommend the right equipment that you need, the best installation method and ultimately create the best environment for you to enjoy it as a cinema room.