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Starlink – high speed broadband internet for you home

Starlink is a satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX providing satellite Internet access coverage to 29 countries on Earth with ambition to extend coverage to the whole world.

At present Starlink has over 2000 LEO’s (Low-Earth-Orbit satellites) in orbit and their plan is to deploy a total of 4,425 by 2024. Customers in the UK have been paying £84 monthly, plus £50 for shipping and £439 for the equipment (dish, router etc.).

On performance, customers can expect unlimited usage, good latency times of 20-40ms, download speeds of 50-250Mbps and uploads of 10-20Mbps, also note that speeds may alter as the network grows bigger.

Starlink has recently posted a UK coverage map to show which parts of the United Kingdom can currently access the service. Anything north of around Aberdeen in Scotland is currently excluded.

How to order your Starlink

To order your Starlink kit you need to go direct to the Starlink website here, simply enter your home address and complete the ordering process. Once your product has arrived, you then have the choice of installing it yourself, or seeking the advice of one of our Approved Starlink Installers

Note: It may be useful to speak to one of our Approved Starlink Installers before you order your kit as they will be able to give you best advice on the type of installation that will be most suitable for your home.

Find your Approved Installer

Get in touch with one an Approved Starlink Installer who will be able to evaluate your home and determine the best location for your Starlink installation.  Each home is different and your needs will differ, for example your Starlink may require an installation at height due to obstructions or tress surrounding your home, or you may want your Starlink installing in a discreet location in your garden…

What does Starlink internet cost and who are its users?

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What do UK users need to access Starlink internet?

Starlink internet works by harnessing the power of low-orbit satellites to deliver improved broadband connectivity. It has proved particularly effective in parts of the world with insufficient cabling. Predominantly available around [...]

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How fast is Starlink internet for UK users?

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What is Starlink internet?

Offering high-speeds and low latency, Starlink uses advanced satellites positioned in low orbit to provide a wide range of internet services.

Previously impossible to [...]

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Starlink Internet – the new high speed internet service

What is Starlink Internet?

Starlink Internet service is provided by a satellite system. It is an alternative service to the likes of BT, Virgin or any other broadband provider and who you typically think of as your broadband choices.

Who is it provided by?

Starlink Internet is the brainchild of Elon Musk and his team and already Starlink has sent 100’s of satellites into space – this is for his Starlink service which he is aiming to offer worldwide.

Why would Starlink Internet be an option for you?

In many rural locations, getting a decent internet speed to be able to stream, game or work from home, or even just to satisfy your family needs is a challenge, due to speeds that you can get or even the choice of broadband providers.  So here enters Starlink Internet.


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Installing your Starlink

Order the equipment to your home

Once you have made your order everything you need to get you Starlink operational arrives in one package, this consists of:

  • flat large pizza box-sized dish

  • tripod stand for the dish

  • 100ft of cable

  • a WiFi router for connecting to the dish

  • setup guide


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