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What features should every home CCTV camera have?


What features should every home CCTV camera have?

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are an invaluable option for property owners keen to beef up their security. However, with a wide range of dedicated devices available, not everyone will know what they are looking for and some might struggle to make a decision. Today, we’ll look at some core features every security camera should offer, and some additional elements that might come in useful.

Basic features

At a bare minimum, a modern home security camera must deliver high-resolution imaging, motion-activated recording, night vision and smartphone alerts. These ensure that cameras will activate when activity occurs and record clear evidential footage, whether it’s day or night. They will also immediately alert you of any threats.

Advanced options

Cutting-edge cameras for home security often come packed with innovative and advanced options. Devices use machine learning to filter the activity of people from that of animals, and use facial recognition scans. They can also include powerful deterrents like shrieking sirens or full-beam floodlights. Wide-angle lenses can offer a better view and require homeowners to install fewer cameras, while zoom features allow for a closer look and more detailed data. Two-way audio options can also be useful, particularly if you wish to control who has access to your property and communicate with visitors.

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