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What is CCTV and how do I choose the right option

An increasingly popular choice for the home and now easier to install.  You can opt to buy cameras on their own or include as part of a full system.  Camera prices vary greatly, they can range from circa £20 for a wired camera providing a range of about 5 metres with night vision right up to a £450 which gives a lot more specification and are usually vandal proof.

When you buy a camera you need to be aware that you will need to buy some form of equipment for it to work such as a digital video recorder that provides you with the ability to view the footage and also store it. 

It is important to understand that CCTV is just the first part of your home security and works best when you combine with a home burglar alarm, window and door sensors and even with security lights. 

It is best to ask an Approved CCTV Installer to ensure you combine CCTV with the best option to keep your home secure and safe.

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