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Foxstream join Hikvision’s HEOP program

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Foxstream join Hikvision’s HEOP program

Hikvision are leading the way in the security market for home and business.  Their recent announcement of Foxstream joining the Hikvision Embedded Open Platform (HEOP) program for the Foxintruder edge-based intrustion detection solution – this is now available for the Hikvision range of DS-2TD2137/VP thermal cameras.

This news will be welcomed by installers – it will enable FoxIntruder to be embedded directly into Hikvisions thermal cameras.  This will provide installers with an extremely reliable and easily deployable end-to-end solution aimed at providing high security for permitter protection. A major plus point of this new integration is that it features less bandwidth and lower latency then server-based solutions making it more efficient.

By adding the cameras IP address into the browser to enable access to the HEOP application, the following will be provided:-

  • Minimal level of false alarms
  • Integration with industry leading VMS platforms and Central Station Receivers
  • Real-time visualization based on alarm triggers and video event playback
  • Quick and simple configuration and intuitive operation
  • An API for integration into other platform

Hikvision are partnering with more and more technology partners who are joining their HEOP program which supports their long-term strategy to build the best possible security solutions for customers in partnership with technology partner solutions that support and fit their HEOP program.

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