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TV Wall Mounting

Installing your TV on a wall is a great way to create space and enjoy your TV and viewing from a convenient and comfortable position as well as a good way to hide wires etc. 

It can be straight forward to mount a TV on a wall and you can achieve this yourself and there are times when it definitely would be best to get in touch with an Approved TV Wall Bracket Installer.

Here are some things to consider for you to decide if you are best mounting the TV yourself or to use an Approved Installer :-

  • Every TV will require a lead and you are likely to have a number of devices connected to your TV even if just for signal – how are you going to conceal the cables? It is worth mounting the TV if you are going to leave the cables on show?  You can conceal the cables in the wall but do think if you can do this easily and neatly yourself.  You could also opt to have a power outlet installed behind your TV – again you will require a professional.  It may be easier if you wish to do yourself to use a conduit to hide the cables and at least be more pleasing to the eye.
  • The boxes, games consoles, etc that are connected to your TV will need to go somewhere. What are the options?  You place a small bookcase close to the TV, install a floating shelf, there are options and ideas you will be able to find and recommendations an Approved Installer will be able to make.
  • Where do you mount your TV. Once it is up on the wall it is up on the wall and if you have spent the time concealing cables or additional shelves, you want to make sure that the TV is the best place for viewing, security, and safety.  TV’s can appear light, but they actually do carry a fair bit of weight.  Firstly, you need to make sure that the wall you wish to use is suitable and able to take the weight.  A stud or two is recommended to anchor screws to.  An external wall for example may be sturdier and more suitable.  Experts recommend not using drywall anchors as although will offer an immediate solution, they will eventually pull through with your TV left on the floor. Also recommended to consider the angle and movement of the TV.  Sitting right in front of it having to look up might seem ok when testing the angle but imagine an evening of watching your favourite programs or film, how would your neck feel – is there a better angle, a TV mount that enables more movement to suit your viewing requirements.  Again an Approved Installer will be able to advise on what is available and what is best suited.  They may also recommend not mounting a TV above a fireplace – they are usually high which after some viewing time can be uncomfortable not to mention the risks of heat and soot reaching your TV.
  • Lastly, remember you must plug your devices and signal into your TV so when mounting make sure the relevant ports are accessible so you can do this – you don’t want to be pulling and straining the TV once you have been through the effort of mounting it.