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The service is a way to get TV without monthly bills or contracts.  The Freesat service is delivered via a satellite dish – you can use your existing dish or if you do need one, you can get in touch with an Approved Freesat Installer who will be able to install one for you.   There is a range of set top boxes for Freesat and some smart TV’s will also come with the Freesat service pre-installed.  It is then as easy as plugging in the feed to your satellite dish. 

You will enjoy over 170 channels and if you have chosen a set top box or smart TV with an On Demand service – you will be able to access more at your convenience. If you opt for a recordable box you can record up to four programs at once plus gives you the ability to pause, rewind and restart.  The innovative Freesat App also gives you the great ability to record your favourite programs when you are out and about making sure you don’t miss anything. 

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