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Satellite Broadband

Broadband is so vital to us all at home for everything that we do.  However, some areas which tend to be a bit more remote or rural may not get traditional broadband which is provided using traditional wiring to the home. 

Using a satellite internet service is a possible solution to benefit from a broadband service.  It works via the use of a satellite dish rather than wires or cable, like satellite TV.  Data can be uploaded or downloaded by the satellite dish.  The benefit is that satellite broadband can typically be provided anywhere if there is a line of sight to the southern sky where the satellite signal is picked up.

The service can be more expensive than traditional wired services, but you usually pay no line rental as there is no phone line involved in the solution.  They can start as low as £20 per month right up to a £100 plus – depending on location, service provider and speeds available and desired. 

You will also need to get the service installed as it requires a satellite dish.  There are options to buy the kit and pay for installation or some providers do offer the ability to rent as part of their service.  There are many Approved Satellite Broadband Installer who can do this on your behalf and work with the providers so will be able to offer some great guidance and obviously complete the installation.

Speeds will vary from provider to provider, so it is worth checking all the services that are available for your area as well as looking at upfront and monthly costs required.

Starlink to expand its UK coverage

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Low Earth Orbit constellation of satellites known as Starlink, which delivers ultra-fast broadband to many parts of the planet, recently announced it has upgraded its UK internet offering. [...]

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