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Latest posts in Glasgow

How can smart home technology installers find more customers?

You may be a dependable installer with experience and qualifications at the ready, but making homeowners aware that you’re available is not always simple. [...]

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What are the benefits of a smart lighting installation for your garden?

If you’ve been enjoying the use of your garden over spring and summer, it’s understandable that as autumn draws in, you’ll want to make the most of it. [...]

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Tips for designing the ideal home cinema

Being able to select the movie of your choice on any given night and avoiding the disturbance of others talking and munching snacks makes home cinemas an enviable option. However, [...]read moreTips for designing the ideal home cinema

Why choose a wired home CCTV system?

The cutting-edge security solutions available for UK homes today include a wide range of intruder alarms, motion detectors, [...]

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Important shift revealed for smart home tech deployment

Recent research has uncovered that consumers’ appetite for smart home technologies and the Internet of things (IoT) is showing continued growth. [...]

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Rural Connectivity Made Simpler

Are you looking for rural connectivity?

Starlink and managed Wi-Fi are a powerful combination especially suited for farms and small businesses.  Think of the range of requirements such as farm shops, buildings (maybe listed) cafés, rural events, even village and small-town Wi-Fi where fibre has not been laid and you can see the extent of the problem.


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What difference can a Digital Tick make for installers?

Successful home technology installers are always on the lookout for ways to expand their customer base and improve their bottom line. [...]

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Key points to consider when wall mounting a TV

Mounting a flat-screen TV on your wall can enhance your home cinema experience. While it can help your movie room feel more spacious, it can also ensure everyone attending your film night has a splendid view. In this blog, we’ll look at some important points to remember when wall mounting. [...]

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Three simple tips to speed up your Wi-Fi

Nothing is more frustrating than slow Wi-Fi. Whether the TV show you are streaming keeps getting stuck, or the files you are uploading [...]

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Did you know that smart lighting can boost home security?

Smart lighting solutions that use LED bulbs are renowned for their energy-saving properties and user-friendly controls that allow homeowners to switch lights off and on with their voice, or [...]

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