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Research anticipates steady growth for smart home installation market

A recent study undertaken by market experts has predicted long-lasting and steady growth for businesses operating in the smart home installation sector. The comprehensive report took into consideration a wide range of factors, including new technological breakthroughs experienced by the smart home installation service market and supply and demand data to make its forecast. [...]

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Top locations to position home security cameras

CCTV devices can be an ideal way to ramp up security on your property. Discreetly placed, they can allow you to capture footage of vandals and trespassers that can help with prosecution. While fitted in plain view, they can act as a valuable deterrent. Most criminals are keen to stay off camera, so the presence of one will make them think twice about invading your space. [...]

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Getting a better signal for your Wi-Fi

When using home Wi-Fi, plenty of problems can impede the quality of your connection. In this blog, we’ll help you understand the issues you are experiencing and some solution that you can consider. When your internet is running slow, read on to learn how to improve your signal strength. [...]

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Can UK homes access Starlink internet?

Providing internet services to businesses and homes around the world via a dedicated network of low Earth orbit satellites, Starlink is the brainchild of tech entrepreneur Elon Musk and his team at SpaceX. It has earned a reputation of offering dependable access to the internet in remote places that struggle to obtain a connection. [...]

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What can hard-wired home security cameras offer?

CCTV cameras are a popular option for homeowners seeking to beef up their security. Deployed outside plainly in view, they can act as a useful deterrent. Burglars and other intruders who don’t fancy being caught on film will typically find less well-protected premises to take on leaving homes with CCTV safe from crime. [...]

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Freeview – Channel Changes 23.11.22

On 23 November 2022 some broadcasters are making important changes to their channels. Viewers will need to retune their TV’s to keep their channels and TV guide up to date. Please [...]read moreFreeview – Channel Changes 23.11.22

How home cinema installers can keep ahead of the competition

During the Government lockdowns for COVID-19, cinema fans were unable to watch the latest releases in theatres. To compensate, many homeowners invested in home cinema installations where they could continue to enjoy the latest blockbusters streaming online. [...]

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What are the advantages of an exterior lighting installation?

While most homeowners focus on interior lighting, outdoor illumination can also be useful. If adding an exterior lighting installation to your property is not [...]

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Freeview – Changes to ITV Channels

On 15th November 2022, ITV will be making some important changes to their channel line-up. Viewers will need to retune their TV’s to keep their channels and TV guide up [...]read moreFreeview – Changes to ITV Channels

Starlink receives NGSO licenses from UK regulator

Spacecraft manufacturer SpaceX has been granted permission now to expand its low-earth orbit satellite broad band network, in the UK. [...]

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