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Why do you need Public Liability Insurance


Why do you need Public Liability Insurance

As a trade-based organisation, we ask our members to evidence that they have public liability insurance in place – but here is why it is so important for your business.

Public liability insurance is an important cover for most businesses to protect you from claims made against you by clients or the public.  It is also important for your customers to know that both you and they are protected if things do go wrong.

In simple terms, public liability insurance can protect you and your business against claims made by your clients or members of the public – the claims would be made following a financial loss or injury that was caused by your business.  You can also opt to cover for compensation payments and any legal expenses.

Customers gain comfort from using a business that has public liability insurance because even with the best intentions, accidents can happen.  By having the right cover, it provides the business with the confidence to operate knowing that if anything goes wrong their insurance could cover repairs to a customer’s property, possessions replaced, or even medical expenses could be paid for.

Each insurance policy can be tailored to meet specific needs or for the type of business activity, but typically public liability insurance will cover you for the legal liability to pay compensation to a member of the public for death and injury, or damage to their property or any possessions, caused as a direct results from the activities of your business.

If as a business, you visit a business premises or carry out work in someone’s home you definitely should get this insurance in place – some of your customers might ask to see your insurance certificate before allowing you to complete the work – many organisations such as ours also require you to supply evidence that you are suitably insured.

Other insurances you may want to consider are: –

  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Employers liability insurance
  • Loss of documents and data

Some insurance policies can be combined so worth asking your insurance broker or your insurance company.

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