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Why are smart doorbells ideal for the festive season?

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Why are smart doorbells ideal for the festive season?

Home security equipment is fast becoming increasingly affordable and fitted with smart technology. One of the most popular options is the smart doorbell, which is also known as a video doorbell.

Wi-Fi enabled, these compact devices pack an HD camera, speaker and a microphone at minimum. However, cutting-edge models even offer night vision and motion detection. While the security benefits of the solutions can be enjoyed year-round, in this blog we’ll outline the advantages they offer at this time of year.

Dealing with deliveries

We are now living in the “Amazon Age”, with more Christmas packages delivered to our doors than ever before. Whether you’re ordering gifts or receiving present from afar, a doorbell camera can help. Smart systems can notify you on your phone when a delivery arrives, and two-way communications allows you to easily interact with couriers without even opening your door.

Under the watchful eye of your device, you can also record any attempts at thieving parcels left on your doorstep, providing evidence for prosecutions.

Who is at our door?

Doorbell cameras can allow you to see who is on your doorstep whether you are in or out. From Christmas shopping trips and school plays to attend you might not always be in, but you can monitor who comes calling from any location. Additionally, when you’re hosting Christmas parties at home, you can ensure you only allow invited guests to enter.

To set up home security devices correctly, use an expert installer. To find a pre-checked professional, use our search tool today at Getmedigital.

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