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Samsung HW Q950A Soundbar

Samsung HW-Q950A Soundbar

Delivering a powerful Dolby Atmos cinema audio, packing a punch of 6000W of power, coming from some 22 different speakers – if you want to bring the cinema experience to your home, this is a great option for you.  The system gives you a sound bar, two small rear speakers plus a subwoofer – the soundbar is designed for TV’s which are 55 inches in size and above.

You get the cinema experience via the 7 channels of surround size plus two upfiring drivers there for the height channels, this coupled with the rear speakers giving you two more surround channels each and their own upfiring driver – this is how it delivers an outstanding experience for the home.  As a bonus the subwoofer provides exactly the deep bass you would want.

Testers have described the soundbar as a “total beast, bringing the most complete and impactful Dolby Atmos 3D effect we’ve heard from anything to date” with others stating that the audio is “phenomenally powerful, detailed, dynamic and aggressive.” 

Easy to use and install, it comes with two HDMI inputs in addition to the TV connection and supports any 3D systems as well as being able to stream music by Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay 2. 

This is the best option for Samsung TVs, as you would expect – supporting the Samsung Q Symphony feature which adds ever more power to the speakers.  A no brainer if you have a Samsung TV already.

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Price: £1199.00

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WiFiTron WiFi Booster

Getting a good WiFi signal across our home can be a challenge, there is always a dead spot somewhere.  Even when you place your router in the optimal place, you can still end up with parts of your home with a bad signal.  WiFi boosters are a great way to resolve this.

The WiFiTron is a great product for you to resolve this and is aimed at eliminating all your dead zones in your home by providing full signal strength no matter what room you are in.  It is a compact unit that comes with 2 built-in antennas.  So you can enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet in seconds, it comes complete with a single-push WPA button.  To give you peace of mind with network security it supports WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption keeping you and data safe.

It is so simple to set up, plug it in to your wall socket and press the WPS button.  To provide connectivity, whatever network you are on, it covers all WAN networks.  The signal indicator on the unit shows clearly so you can see at a glance, the signal strength.  You can easily see by the signal strength via the LED lights, where it is best to place the unit to get the best signal.

It will provide you with 1200Mbps in speed so you can easily watch a 4k film and play all your favourite games – all this without any buffering issues.

This is one of the best extenders on the market, so if you are struggling with dead spots, it’s worth the investment.

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Price: £39.99

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Gardena Smart Irrigation Control

During the summer months the last thing we want to see is continual rain but the keen gardeners amongst us, want to keep their hard work protected in the garden and watering is a key part of keeping the grass looking great and flowers and shrubs flourishing. But who wants to stand there after a long day with the hose, dragging it around the garden?

The Gardena Smart System is just the answer. It takes the work out of watering your garden using a bit of smart technology. There are setting options but simply this easy-to-use sprinkler works through a smart gateway that connects to your router. You can do this via your WiFi or ethernet, the water control unit is then connected to your outside tap.

Once you have set it up you control the sprinkler from an app that you download to your smart phone. You have the option to start the sprinkler watering manually from your app or set up a schedule where it will start automatically at the selected times. As an option to take it to the next step you can choose to add a smart sensor from the Gardena range – this then judges when your soil is getting too dry and then will activate the sprinkler system – what could be easier and makes sure all your hard work in the garden continues to bloom even in hot weather.

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Price: £248.65 (Amazon)

Our Rating:
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