Tips for mounting a flat screen television

Tips for mounting a flat screen television

If you’re installing a home cinema system, determining the right height for mounting your flat screen television is important. However, finding the perfect position isn’t always easy. Read on for some important points before putting your new TV in place.

TV size

The size of your TV is a key factor. Remember, when you are mounting a TV, you are judging from the floor to the centre of the TV. Your TV size represents the diagonal viewing area. As a result, you must use a measuring tape to work out just how far up and over the exact centre of your screen is.

Viewing distance

The optimum viewing distance is based on TV size and represents the ideal distance from your screen you should be seated to watch your favourite films and shows. Divide the size of your TV by 0.55 to calculate the perfect distance. For instance, if you have a 44-inch screen, you should sit 100 inches away.

Viewing angle and eye level

Finally, always calculate your eye level from a seated position. Your viewing angle should never be more than 30 degrees. In a relaxed viewing position, most people sit reclined by between 10 and 15 degrees.

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