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Should you buy an Electric Bike (E-Bike)

Should you buy an Electric Bike (E-Bike)

We are all seeing more electric bikes on the road, and over the pandemic with the increased creation of dedicated cycle lanes – is the trend likely to continue and should you buy one?

As with having a traditional bike, an electric bike comes with all the same benefits, but it comes with additional features that could make is more attractive and change your mind on owning an e-bike.  Here are some points to think about to decide if you need or want one:-

  • It will enable you to get up hills easier if this has been a stumbling block on getting out on your normal bike
  • Do you love cycling down by the local river or do you live in windy environment, an electric bike will help you ride against the wind with ease
  • If you have some health challenges that have stopped you riding an traditional bike, an electric option may help you with your bad knee or hip joint for example – you don’t have to work as hard
  • Want to go out on long rides but don’t have the stamina – an electric bike will enable you to go further with less effort
  • Stops you being a sweaty mess if you ride to work – electric bikes mean you don’t have to over exert yourself and get hot and you arrive for work ready to go
  • Wil help to cut down on commute time compared to a traditional bike if using it for work
  • Due to making your journey shorter they are more attractive to use in the winter for commuting than traditional bikes

Although the prices of e-bikes have traditionally been high, they have come down considerably making them more affordable.  The batteries are also more sophisticated and cheaper to replace, so e-bikes are more attractive than ever with prices starting as low as £500 up to £5000.

Don’t forget, getting out and doing any form of exercise brings some great health benefits!


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