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Why do installers join business directories?


Why do installers join business directories?

You might focus on fitting smart home systems like lighting or be an expert on networking, but being a professional installer is always a skilled and specialist trade. As such, you’ll need to be searchable by specific customers needing your services, and access to equipment and information at affordable prices. For these reasons and many more, professional installers are now signing up to business directories.

Reaching the right customers

After being pre-approved by the directory, installers are listed allowing local homeowners seeking their services to search and contact them, making it easier to get business. Installers receive a dedicated profile page where they can provide their contact details and customers can read testimonials and reviews.

Supplier directories

Directories offer installers access to a trade directory where goods and services they need can be easily acquired.

Useful resources

Once signed up, home technology installers also have access to a brand package so they can add the Digital Tick logo, a sign of trust and quality to their digital and print media like websites, social media accounts and business cards, as well as stickers for company vehicles.

Join a business directory today

Imagine having access to invaluable resources and being easily searchable by customers seeking your specific services, within your local area. When you become an approved installer and join our business directory at Getmedigital, you’ll get all this and more, including zero commission rates and personalised IDs.

Reach your target market with home technology customers now by joining our business directory today.

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