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Why consumers need educating

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Why consumers need educating

The demand for smart home functionality and devices has only increased over the past ten years, shown by the 57% of UK residents who now have at least one smart home product in their home.

Even thought the smart assistants are the most popular due to their flexibility and ease of use, more households are looking for new products and options and keen to automate their home and save money.

Some of the trends expected from a recent report from Ernst & Young are:-

  • Devices to enable smart heating functions such as Nest and Hive
  • Smart Lighting to be able to adjust brightness and colour of lighting and to be able to automate switching lights on and off
  • Smart Doorbells to allows the ability to check who is at the front door to aid security and provide comfort
  • Even immersive technology is expected to trend upwards with the likes of virtual reality headsets
  • At the bottom of the list are smart appliances such as ovens and fridges

What is interesting to note and why we want to keep educating consumers is so they have more confidence in buying smart home solutions from their broadband providers or directly from a technology website.  The 3rd popular option is from a specialist smart home tech provider – this is great to hear for our membership base but we want this to be the first choice for consumers.

It is felt from the recent research that consumers need to be educated and understand products and solutions more – this in turn will increase the adoption of using this type of technology.  The more we can support this journey for consumers the more they will require the support of our Approved Installers – You!  Please feel free to send in any pictures of your installations or if you wish to contribute to the journey of educating consumers.

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