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What’s the easiest type of TV aerial to install?

TV Aerials

What’s the easiest type of TV aerial to install?

By far, the simplest kind of TV aerial to install around your home is an indoor option. No specialist skills or equipment are typically required, and following some basic operator instructions will usually get it into position quickly.

While these easy options may be ideal for many homeowners, they are not practical for every address. Today, we’ll explore this easy solution and suggest situations when a more complex installation performed by a professional might be your preferred choice.

How to install an aerial indoors

As mentioned, to set up an indoor aerial isn’t tough. Connect a coaxial (coax) cable to the aerial from your television. Now place the aerial beside your TV and if the image is a little fuzzy, relocate it so it is closer to a window. For the optimum picture, get your aerial as high as possible and create a clear line to your transmitter, making sure your signal isn’t being disrupted by metal objects. Every time you reposition the aerial, run a channel scan to check for improvements.

Is your picture still poor?

If you’ve tried rotating your TV aerial several times but still find the picture quality unsatisfactory, obtaining a different option and professional help might be the right move. The two main causes of such situations are homes constructed with concrete walls and weak signal areas. Purchasing an outdoor aerial will boost your signal strength and bypass issues with wall fabrication, but an expert installer is advised.

Browse our list of pre-approved aerial installers in your area today for a stress-free fitting and superior reception.

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One thought on “What’s the easiest type of TV aerial to install?”
jonny says:

If you live up on top of the hill, near to the transmitter and aerial pointing at it, you may be fine, unlikely to work otherwise, problematic at best.
You simply cannot beat an external aerial.

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