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What are the pitfalls of poorly installed CCTV?

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What are the pitfalls of poorly installed CCTV?

Many property owners consider a DIY approach to installing home CCTV to be a cost-saving measure. However, if the security equipment is fitted improperly and leads to criminal trespassing, the price paid can be far higher than employing a professional. Here, we look at common issues arising from systems deployed by unqualified individuals.

Camera position

If you deploy cameras improperly, the footage they capture can be useless. Expert installations ensure that devices will be able to see visitors faces or car number plates clearly by positioning them at ideal vantage points. They can also ensure devices remain out of reach of burglars seeking to damage them.

GDPR issues

Where CCTV cameras are pointed is also important. If devices are aimed at a neighbour’s property and infringe on their privacy, camera owners can find themselves in breach of the UK’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but an expert installer will ensure homeowners are covered.

Picture quality

Most homeowners are unaware that CCTV systems typically ship with factory settings still in place. An expert will be able to reconfigure equipment to optimise performance as well as picture quality, ensuring maximum coverage.

Security settings

Finally, CCTV fitted by professionals is less vulnerable to cyberattacks, as numerous security settings including default port numbers and passwords are changed on installation. As a result, users are less likely to get hacked and have their devices enslaved by a botnet or be spied on by malicious internet users.

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