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What are the financial gains of becoming an approved installer?


What are the financial gains of becoming an approved installer?

Dedicated business directories suited to home technology installers are able to pre-check tradespeople, meaning homeowners can easily track down a high-quality and skilled installer in their local area. As a result, they can feel confident that they are receiving a competent service for the money they pay.
However, becoming approved and joining a directory also makes economic sense for installers. Whether you’re an expert in satellite aerial installations or fitting home cinema systems, read on for some of the advantages of becoming a pre-checked tradesperson.

Advertising power

While signing up to a business directory and becoming pre-approved typically comes with a membership fee, the benefits more than compensate such a sum. Installers are advertised on directories with their own profile page. Here, customers can leave testimonials and fitters can detail the services they provide. Once the area you cover is entered, you can be searched by locals in need of services and become their go-to option for growing your business.

Zero commission rates

Once pre-checked, you’ll never pay commissions on any custom generated by the business directory. Job enquiries might be sent to the directory but customers in need of an installation come directly to you with no charge attached.

Exceptional resources

As part of a directory, you’ll also have free access to technical information about your trade and a trade directory where you can easily source suppliers stocking services and goods, unique to your area of expertise.

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