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What are the benefits of installing a smart doorbell?

Smart doorbell

What are the benefits of installing a smart doorbell?

An increasingly popular option among UK homeowners, the smart doorbell is a replacement for traditional doorbells, and is connected to the internet.

This innovative option can integrate with the automation systems in smart home set-ups displaying real-time video of visitors on your doorstep while alerting you to their presence with a ring on your smartphone or other personal device.

Read on as we discover the multiple advantages of installing this solution in your home.


With alerts sent straight to the phone you carry, you’ll never miss an important package or arriving guest. You might be in the garden or at the shops, but you’ll be able to give instructions to your visitor wherever you are located.

It is also possible to pre-record messages that will play when someone arrives. For example, if you’re expecting a parcel but don’t want to answer the door, your device will automatically play “Just place it on the front step please.”

Enhanced security

Smart doorbells allow you to interact with visitors via your smartphone without ever compromising your home security. This technology effectively turns your personal device into a two-way intercom, allowing you to screen callers first before opening your front door.

Are you ready to get a smart doorbell installed?

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