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What are the advantages of smart outdoor lighting?

Smart Lighting Garden

What are the advantages of smart outdoor lighting?

With the warmer months of the year approaching, Britons across the country are returning to their gardens. Those looking to enjoy the summer evenings for a little longer with family and friends often consider lighting their outdoor areas.

In this blog, we’ll look at the latest option available – smart outdoor lighting. Read on to explore its many benefits.

Scheduling your lights

Smart lighting lets you automate when your outdoor illumination activates and when it switches off. As a result, you can ensure you lights come on when the sun goes down, while never staying on too long and running up your energy bill.

Extra security

Many smart lighting solutions also promote home security. Fitted with motion sensors, they can turn on automatically to intimidate potential intruders.

Using scenes and modes

The latest outdoor smart lighting can allow you to control multiple circuits of lights from a single application on your smartphone. Far easier than switching off each set individually, app control also allows you to save different settings. As a result, you can enjoy pre-saved lighting modes with varying brightness levels suited to star gazing or barbecuing.

Voice control

Many smart outdoor lighting systems are compatible with smart home hubs like Amazon’s Alexa. Consequently, you can use your voice to turn your lights on or off with ease.

Do you need an outdoor lighting professional?

If you’re looking for an expert in outdoor lighting solutions in your area, we can help. To find your ideal installer, consult our nationwide database of approved tradespeople in your area here at Getmedigital.

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