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ViewSonic targets home cinema market

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ViewSonic targets home cinema market

Taiwanese American technology brand ViewSonic has shifted its focus to home cinema applications by launching two projectors and a new ceiling mount.

The privately held electronics company has now released high-brightness LED projectors called X1 and X2. Both devices have a lifespan of 30,000 hours and come with Harman Kardon speakers in-built, making them an ideal option for screening live sports and films, but also playing video games.

The X1 projector model has been designed for use with a ceiling mount, while the short-throw-style X2 is suitable for sitting on a table surface and projecting a 100-inch large screen from approximately 1.53 metres away.

The X1 has a knob for lens shift control that allows users to perform vertical image adjustments without having to move the LED projector. It also has a 1.3x zoom lens that offers useful flexibility when mounting the device on home ceilings.

Both the X1 and X2 projector models offer 3,100 LED lumens worth of brightness and 125% Rec. 709 colour-wide gamut, enabling them to deliver High-Definition resolution.

Both cutting-edge projectors from ViewSonic also provide a set-up process that is simple, straightforward, and intuitive. The X1 and X2 models are designed to deliver perfectly shaped viewing experiences from both side and top view thanks to features like H/V keystone, auto keystone, and four corner adjustment. The projectors offer two connection options that include USB-C ports and Wi-Fi.

Finally, Bluetooth connectivity is provided for audio options like smartphones and wireless headsets that enable projectors to operate as a dedicated sound system.

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