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UK capital to welcome world smart tech brand

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UK capital to welcome world smart tech brand

London’s thriving retail hub of Hammersmith has been selected as the location for global smart-tech firm Riversong’s new office.

Specialising in offering an extensive selection of consumer technology products, Riversong aims to deliver the latest devices and accessories at affordable prices.

Goods that go hand in hand with home technology will now be offered to UK buyers, such as earbuds, charging cables and other tech accessories, along with new wearable tech offerings such as smartwatches. The company’s ethos is to make high-quality technology available to everyday people, ensuring they can enjoy the lifestyle perks of cutting-edge solutions without breaking the bank.

While Riversong is new to British consumers, it is an established brand in more than 60 different countries around the world.

Commenting on the Riversong UK launch, CEO Haitham Kalakesh said he was excited about opening the new office in London and spoke about the quality of his company’s products:

“I hear so often that people choose the cheaper option, and it breaks within weeks. Riversong is different, it’s affordable but also durable and to show our confidence to the consumer it comes with a 2-year warranty.”

Statistics show an ever-increasing adoption of smart technology here in Britain. In 2019, figures show that the UK had 55.5 million smartphone users and that this number is expected to rise to 64.9 million by 2025. Based on Britain’s growing interest in smart solutions, ranging from smart home hubs and media systems to wearable technology, Riversong is confident it can replicate its international success here in the UK.

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