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Two common causes of poor projector picture quality

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Two common causes of poor projector picture quality

Home theatre experiences can easily be ruined by a poor picture. Blurred or fuzzy images are never appreciated when you’re trying to enjoy the latest blockbuster on your big screen, but the cause is not always complex. Read on for two common culprits.

1. Dusty lenses

Whether your whole image is blurry or just part of it, dust can be behind the issue. To check for these unwanted particles. check out the lens of your projector.

Look for any greasy fingerprints that may have gathered dust as this will almost always impact your light beam and result in distortion. Dust doesn’t need finger marks to cling to though; it can easily build up over time, particularly when a projector hasn’t been used for a while.

2. Condensation

If you’ve had your projector in storage in the loft or garage, changes in temperature can lead to condensation formation on its lens.

While you can wait for your equipment to return to room temperature, you can also wipe down your lens. Ensure you use an appropriate cloth design for lens cleaning, or you could cause damage.

Expert assistance

While these are common issues you can fix yourself, to solve problems with your home cinema installation, expert help can be invaluable. With experience of projector picture issues, a qualified home cinema installer can ensure your movie night is never spoiled.

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