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Tech collaboration to host immersive home cinema

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Tech collaboration to host immersive home cinema

A collaboration between Trinnov Audio, Sonus faber, McIntosh Labs, madVR Labs and Officina Acustica Kaleidescape is set to reveal the new 11.12.6 demo system at the internationally acclaimed technology event, CEDIA Expo. The tech partnership will showcase the advanced level of immersive vision and sound that today’s home cinema systems can now deliver.

At the heart of the system is Trinnov’s award-winning reference processor designed specifically for immersive audio systems, known as Altitude32. The solution can provide up to 34 different channels of Atmos processing along with the sonic benefits offered by the brand’s Room Optimiser/Loudspeaker.

Trinnov’s CEO, Arnaud Laborie, commented on the company’s aim:

“Our goal this year is to show the industry the exceptional experience that can be realised with today’s immersive private cinema systems when design and performance come together.”

He added that Trinnov was actively engaged with numerous industry partners focused on the development of modern performance standards for every aspect of home cinema equipment capabilities and design. Trinnov’s reference system, he commented, was designed using these standards as a guideline, and the company now welcomes the opportunity to unveil to the home technology industry what is possible to be achieved.

Along with the Altitude32, Trinnov’s recently launched power amplifier, Amplitude16 will also be shown at the expo, which is currently available to buy here in the UK. The highly versatile power amplifier with 16 channels has now won multiple awards and was a finalist at CEDIA’s Best New Product Award. It also received recognition when it was named as the Best Home Theatre amplifier by EISA for 2022.

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