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Secretlab releases smart lighting for gamers

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Secretlab releases smart lighting for gamers

Game accessory specialist Secretlab recently launched an innovative item for player looking to style up their gaming desk. Simple but effective, the MAGRGB smart light strip offer is user-friendly and an all-in-one lighting solution.

Powered by Nanoleaf technology with app support, this smart lighting strip is ideal for customising simpler designs of gaming desks that come unequipped with in-built lighting. As well as being a simple and robust option, the smart light is highly customisable, perfectly displaying how technology does not need to be complex to answer user needs as long as it is well-designed.

Instead of the traditionally used and often troublesome adhesives employed to attach smart light strips, the MAGRGB makes use of magnets to keep it in place. While the ingenious option was designed to work with Secretlab’s own Magnus Metal Desk product, it works equally well with any other metal gaming desk.

The smart strip is exceptionally simple to install and set up, allowing users to start enjoying its benefits straight away. It can deliver powerful and dynamic RGB (red, green, blue) lighting that can be configured to suit different tastes. Colour combinations are essentially unlimited, and the strip LEDs produce bright lights with colours that remain saturated even in daylight hours.

Five different lighting motions can also be customised to create different effects, moods, and scenes. Light animations and flow motions can be tweaked in terms of speed and direction, and looped or paused as desired. Finally, the smart light strip ships with exclusive lighting effects from Secretlab, Cloud9 and Team Liquid, along with access to existing colour palettes from Nanoleaf.

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