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Remember you can still view TV for free


Remember you can still view TV for free

There are so many streaming services available giving you access to a whole host of programmes and films.  It can almost look like paying to watch is the only option that you have – but it isn’t, and it is important to remember this and ensure you understand what is available to you for free.

This is where Freeview comes in.  With Freeview you will find all your favourite shows and films all in one place and it’s free.  They have a great service called Freeview Play where you get: –

  • Over 30,000 hours of TV on demand – all free
  • Gain access to 95% of the nations most loved TV
  • You can search for what you are looking for and recommendations
  • Provided with access to over 700 Boxsets
  • Don’t forget all this is free

You can easily check to see what channels are available via the Freeview service for your address – use this simple Freeview Checker.

Freeview as part of their service gives you the ability to watch your favourite shows when you are out and about on your mobile phone on tablet – all you need to do is download their app, available for Android or iOS and away you go.

It is simple to be able to use the Freeview service, you will need: –

A TV with Freeview built in – don’t worry, if you have purchased your TV after 2010 it will have it built in – just connect it to your TV aerial.

If no Freeview built into your TV – you will need a Freeview box or recorder – available at many supermarkets and electrical stores – look at their products page where you can opt for HD and the Freeview Play recorder.

Aerial – to be able to receive the service you will need an aerial in good working order which is pointing in the right direction of the transmitter for your area – located on the roof will provide you with the best signal. If you don’t have one or want to get your aerial checked out – get in touch with an Approved Installer.

TV Licence – this is a requirement for anyone watching TV in the UK – check out the details here.

Internet Connection – you will only need this if you want Freeview Play where you want to access on-demand content or use the catch-up service.

So before you opt for a monthly or annual subscription for a streaming service, check out Freeview and see what you can access for free.

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