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Important shift revealed for smart home tech deployment

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Important shift revealed for smart home tech deployment

Recent research has uncovered that consumers’ appetite for smart home technologies and the Internet of things (IoT) is showing continued growth.

Over the last year, many businesses have adapted to hybrid working post-pandemic, with many workers slowly returning to the office following almost exclusively operating from home for months. According to the recent study, during their remote deployment, home workers were a key driver in the uptick of smart home device sales.

The report analysed aggregated and anonymised data from a cross-section of 41 million homes based in the US, Japan and Europe comparing the first six months of 2021 and 2022.

Among the key trends unearthed was that home technology users’ growing appetite for smart home technologies and IoT is showing no indication of slowing down. The research found that, on an international basis, the mean number of connected devices for each home was 17.1 by the close of June 2022, representing a 10 per cent increase compared to the same period for 2021.

Out of all the areas surveyed, Europe displayed the most significant change, with the mean number of internet-connected devices per household rising by 13 per cent to 17.4. US homes included in the report, however, were found to have the greatest penetration of connected equipment to date, hosting an average of 20.2 devices per home.

Figures showed that, with up to 10 per cent more devices in the households, an upward trend in data consumption existed across the cloud.

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