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How the latest smart home technology is securing homes

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How the latest smart home technology is securing homes

While advanced CCTV options and intruder alarms have always been a common choice for home security, smart technology is now opening up more imaginative and effective ways of safeguarding residences.

Among the options available is the modern concept of “mockupancy”, a new buzzword commonly found in tech blogs focussed on smart home solutions. The phrase was inspired by a setting offered by South African tech firm Homemation on its product Control4 Home. Read on to find out more about mockupancy and how it works.

Protecting your property and possessions

Criminal studies show that most burglaries take place when home are unoccupied. Whether homeowners are at work or on holiday, their absence makes breaking and entering a property far easier and less risky for thieves. To ensure houses are empty, it is common practice for criminals to conduct surveillance and seek out signs of occupancy.

How mockupancy works

Smart technology effectively allows you to control a wide range of connected devices in your property from your mobile phone. As a result, you can switch systems and equipment off and on remotely and even programme when this occurs. When you are away, you can raise smart blinds, turn your television and media centres on and off, and activate outdoor and indoor lights, creating a false impression to criminals that you are at home.

Smart technology installers easily found

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