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How smart homes help households save on energy bills

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How smart homes help households save on energy bills

Smart home technology is designed to provide intuitive and convenient solutions for households looking to enjoy online media and greater security.

However, they are also fast becoming a popular option for those looking to combat the cost-of-living crisis by lowering their annual utility bills. Read on to find out more.

Taking control of your usage

It’s understood that home technology requires electrical power to run. From your lighting and heating systems to home cinema set-ups and security cameras, most equipment needs to a connection to mains power, but today’s smart solutions allow you to access them from a mobile phone and programme when and how they operate.

As a result, you can have greater control of your home’s energy consumption. You can programme your lighting and heating to activate only in the rooms you’re using at the times when it it’s required, reducing waste and lowering bills.

Keeping it convenient

Data from the Energy Savings Trust states that homeowners can save around £35 each year if they don’t leave electrical appliances on standby. The inconvenience of switching off devices at the wall leads many homeowners to leave devices in standby mode, but modern technology can solve this with smart plugs. These innovative options allow users to turn off all appliances with simple tap on an app.

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