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WiFi is used in more and more households via more and more devices.  You will notice as you buy more technology for your home that the connectivity is available with WiFi.  Why – because it is flexible and means that you don’t need to use any wires to connect to your router. 

As we become more connected in the home and more devices that we use require internet connectivity it is vital to get the best broadband available in your area and budget.  This will mean that you gain access to the fastest speeds available for your area and it will tolerate a high level of devices whilst providing a good service and will give less disruption for example for when you are streaming TV.

You can improve your WiFi network which tends to work better the closer to the router you are but installing WiFi extenders or mesh networks is helpful.   These are super helpful to get a better signal in a black spot, different room or closer to where you are connecting more devices.  There are optimum ways to achieve this and an Approved WiFi Installer may be able to guide you in the best direction and install the necessary WiFi extenders or network points where a better service can be delivered.

For businesses looking to install or repair WiFi at their premises, it may also be useful to check out the WiFi services directory on our sister website here.