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Home Camera Systems

Quite simply put, a home camera system is where you install a camera inside or outside the home which records footage of what is going on – this can be on the device itself or somewhere in the cloud. 

Self-installing is an option and you can buy camera systems from a number of suppliers and online.  You need to make sure the camera is appropriate to where you are installing, for example if outside it needs to be suitable and weatherproof.  It is also worth considering if you want a wireless option or if there is the ability to plug the camera in or if you want to store any recording on a memory card that you will need to take out and download or send the recording to the cloud.  With a bit of research, you will find the best system for your requirements.

The other option is to get your system professional installed by an Approved Security Camera Installer.  This will ensure they are matching the best system available to your requirements and budget – they will have access to numerous options and products and will be able to talk through the pro and cons.  They are also doing this day in day out so you will get a neat and tidy and professional installation that does the job and looks great.  Prices will vary so it is worth checking the products match what you want and understanding what you get for the installation costs.