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Month: Aug, 2022

Month: August 2022

Did you know that smart lighting can boost home security?

home sec

Smart lighting solutions that use LED bulbs are renowned for their energy-saving properties and user-friendly controls that allow homeowners to switch lights off and on with their voice, or [...]

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What is the easiest type of TV aerial installation?

TV Aerials e1640081884907

To maximise your enjoyment of a home cinema, excellent reception is essential. Your TV aerial is responsible for the quality of the signal you receive, making it an important [...]

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Why home technology installers must stay informed

CTA desktop 2 1524x716 1 1524x716 crop center

Running a home technology installation business is the ideal career for many. From working as a specialist in a field [...]

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Google invites users to help shape smart home app experience


According to a recent report, tech behemoth Google is asking Nest product owners to assist in its testing phase for a brand-new design [...]

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Top tips on positioning a home cinema subwoofer


While a home cinema system will technically work without a subwoofer, those seeking high-quality sound should consider [...]

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Can you convert a wired home alarm system into a smart solution?

Smart plug

Smart alarm systems offer a wide range of benefits including convenience and advanced security. However, if you already have a wired system installed in your home, [...]

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Understanding the health benefits of an LED lighting installation

Smart Lighting Garden

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting systems work by transforming electrical current into light and have many advantages for homeowners. Energy efficient LEDs can help households shave money off their annual utility bills but will also [...]

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Google option voted best outdoor security camera

Google Nest Hub Max

A recent report by tech specialist Digital Camera World has ranked the Google Nest Cam as the best outdoor CCTV camera available to buy.

Experts found the [...]

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What does Starlink internet cost and who are its users?


Starlink internet might not be the most inexpensive option to get online, but for those living in remote locations across the UK where coverage is poor it can be a useful option. In this blog, we’ll look at [...]

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How do home technology installers source equipment?

Smarthome Wallpaper 3

Whether you are a specialist in smart lighting solutions or television aerials, as a home technology installer, you’ll need access to products and materials to complete your work. [...]

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