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Month: Apr, 2022

Three useful tips for positioning home CCTV installation

Modern closed-circuit television (CCTV) devices are readily available to buy at cost-effective prices. Providing peace of mind and enhanced [...]

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How smart homes help households save on energy bills

Smart home technology is designed to provide intuitive and convenient solutions for households looking to enjoy online media and greater security.

However, they are [...]

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What is Starlink internet?


Offering high-speeds and low latency, Starlink uses advanced satellites positioned in low orbit to provide a wide range of internet services.

Previously impossible to [...]

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How can your installation business get the Digital Tick?

You might be a specialist at installing home aerials or have expertise in fitting the latest smart media centres, but qualifications aren’t always enough to reassure your customers that you’re a trusted tradesperson. Fortunately, easily recognisable symbols like the Digital Tick make it easier for you to show homeowners you are a competent professional they can trust to perform work within their property. Read on as we explore what [...]

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New smart gym released for home workouts

Homeowners looking to weight train without ever attending a gym are sure to love a new smart home technology option that has recently entered the [...]

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How the latest smart home technology is securing homes

While advanced CCTV options and intruder alarms have always been a common choice for home security, smart technology is now opening up more imaginative and effective ways of [...]

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What is the best broadband provider?

man looking at best broadband provider

Broadband has become an essential utility, on par with gas, electricity and water. Few homes are ever without it and, with an increased dependence on connectivity, who we choose to provide that broadband becomes an important consideration.

As times are tough and money needs to stretch further than ever, our attention naturally turns to getting the best deal.

As broadband can be a significant monthly outgoing, anything you can save without impacting your service has to be a good thing.


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Launch of Talk TV and That’s Music – 13th April

On 13th April 2022 new channels Talk TV and That’s Music are launching on Freeview.  Freeview are advising viewers to retune to update their TV and keep channels/TV Guide up [...]read moreLaunch of Talk TV and That’s Music – 13th April

Starlink Internet – the new high speed internet service


What is Starlink Internet?

Starlink Internet service is provided by a satellite system. It is an alternative service to the likes of BT, Virgin or any other broadband provider and who you typically think of as your broadband choices.

Who is it provided by?

Starlink Internet is the brainchild of Elon Musk and his team and already Starlink has sent 100’s of satellites into space – this is for his Starlink service which he is aiming to offer worldwide.

Why would Starlink Internet be an option for you?

In many rural locations, getting a decent internet speed to be able to stream, game or work from home, or even just to satisfy your family needs is a challenge, due to speeds that you can get or even the choice of broadband providers.  So here enters Starlink Internet.


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Installing your Starlink

Order the equipment to your home

Once you have made your order everything you need to get you Starlink operational arrives in one package, this consists of:

  • flat large pizza box-sized dish

  • tripod stand for the dish

  • 100ft of cable

  • a WiFi router for connecting to the dish

  • setup guide


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