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Month: Feb, 2022

Month: February 2022

Does your property need a smart lock?

Smart Lock

If you’ve ever left your home or office and worried that you haven’t locked up, a smart lock might be ideal. [...]

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Bemco adds KNX Panel Building Course

Panel Building Course k20jc3

Bemco, a specialist leader in smart home technology has added a great course to their portfolio – KNX Panel Building Course, in which you will be taught the process on [...]read moreBemco adds KNX Panel Building Course

Cedia Launches UK Tech Summits

tech summits 2022 header

As events and face to face meetings return to normality, Cedia have launched their 2022 dates for their infamous tech summits. Each summit provides a place for technology integrators to [...]read moreCedia Launches UK Tech Summits

What are the advantages of a home CCTV installation?

CCTV sign

Home security is an increasing concern for many property owners. Fortunately, cutting-edge closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are readily available at affordable prices. CCTV offers many benefits, so read on to discover just some of [...]

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What resources do approved installers enjoy?

Logo approved installer transparent

Running a business as a home technology installer has many benefits. From increased flexibility to steering your own ship, being the boss can be [...]

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What is Matter and why is it good to know?


We will hear more and more about Matter as the smart home sector continues to grow.  Matter is a new smart home industry standard.  Important to know as it promises [...]read moreWhat is Matter and why is it good to know?

What is Balanced Mode Radiator technology?


If you’re researching how to set up your own home cinema, you might come across the term Balanced Mode Radiator, or BMR. Some of the latest [...]

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Invision – Committed to drive positive changes to Custom Install sector

CTC Logo

Known for their proactive approach and passion for the custom install sector, Invision have launched a pledge – ‘Committed to Custom’.  Simply they pledge to improve training and education, provide [...]read moreInvision – Committed to drive positive changes to Custom Install sector

Channel Changes 16/02/22


The following channel changes will be taking place on Wednesday 16th February: Current Name  New Name  LCN  Shopping Quarter HobbyMaker 73 Craft Store TV Create & Craft 85 Create & [...]read moreChannel Changes 16/02/22

US manufacturer announces smart bathroom solutions


Renowned for its celebrated plumbing products sold at home and here in the UK, American manufacturing firm Kohler has unveiled its [...]

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